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To find a component traceability solution that fits your specific needs, Technomark has created a diverse line of dot peen marking machines. From the innovative 4-in-1 concept Multi4, to the M4 Inline for automated production, there’s a custom industrial marking solution for you.

The Innovation of Technomark Dot Peen Marking Systems

It’s true that many dot peen marking machine suppliers share the same capabilities. As the OEM, Technomark’s patented features, along with comprehensive product support, make the customer experience uniquely satisfying:

Intelligent Driving Impact

Patented and wholly unique to Technomark, Intelligent Driving Impact® (IDI) is a function that allows the user to mark a wider variety of parts.

Equipped on all Technomark dot peen machines, this technology automatically adjusts the stroke length of the stylus to make it perfectly level with your workpiece. If the surface of your product is wavy, curved, or otherwise complex, no worries — the stylus will follow the contour of the marking surface. 

With IDI, the depth of the marking is even across all surfaces, whether they’re flat or not.

4-in-1 Modular Concept

Also patented by Technomark, this innovative design concept allows for four configurations of your system:

  • Handheld
  • Bench
  • Combo
  • Integrated

All-Electric Design

Many dot peen systems need access to compressed air to be able to run. That’s an added utility you’ve got to provide on your own — unless you go the Technomark route.

Our dot peen machines don’t require compressed air. Simply plug the machine into a standard 110V outlet, and you’re ready to work. Or, with the optional battery pack, cut the cord and go mobile!

No PC Required

Technomark dot peen and laser marking systems function as complete, standalone solutions. No separate industrial computer necessary on the production floor!

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Industrial marking solutions are a big investment. You deserve support before, during, and after the initial purchase — that’s why Technomark offers:

  • Presale consulting and application development
  • Financing options
  • Training and implementation assistance
  • After-sale technical support & repair services

Technomark provides free on-site demonstrations as well as on-site training to make sure you can use your equipment effectively. Contact us here if you need a demonstration at your facility.

Even the best industrial marking machines need maintenance from time to time. To maximize your uptime, our service center is conveniently located in central USA.

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Technomark Dot Peen Marking Systems

Dot Peen Marking Products

Technomark has developed a variety of dot peen marking equipment to meet your specific traceability needs. Click below to learn more about these configurations and select the model that best fits your manufacturing process.

Multi4 Handheld

This compact model for medium and large parts is perfect for workshop and outdoor applications.

Multi4 Bench

Ultra-precise and accurate, this model is built to mark very small to medium-sized parts in a fixed position.

Multi4 Combo

This combination of the Bench and Handheld models can mark all part sizes!

Multi4 Integrated

Operated by an external control unit, this version pairs well with semi-automated and fully automated production lines.

Multi4 Mini

The Multi4 Mini is easy to orient in any marking position. It’s ideal for marking heavy, cumbersome, or hard-to-reach parts in handheld configuration.

M4 Inline

This unique marking system is specially made for integration into automated production lines.

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