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After sales service Technomark

Connect.series care and maintenance

Cleaning and lubricating of the impact unit

  1. Remove the support foot (only for 120 marking heads).
  2. Unscrew the stylus guide.
  3. Remove the stylus guide, stylus, spring and core.
  4. Using the brush, clean the inside of the impact unit.
  5. Using a cloth, clean the core, spring and stylus.
  6. Using the dock, check the spring condition (minimum length 39.5mm).
  7. Check the O-ring condition around the stylus guide.
  8. Using the brush and a blowgun, clean the stylus guide.
  9. Reassemble the 4 pieces before screwing it back onto the impact unit.
  10. Pull the stylus to lubricate it. One drop only.
  11. Pull and rotate the stylus several times to distribute the oil properly.
  12. Release the stylus and wipe the excess oil from the stylus.
  13. Reinstall the support foot on the marking head (only for 120 marking heads).

When should the impact unit be cleaned and lubricated?

The procedure should be executeded every 750,000 impacts. The Connect.series software will notify you when this is required.

Number of marking per dayFont used
Cleaning and lubrication frequencies*
Low use205×7Once a month
9×13Once a month
Vect 0.2Once a month
Vect 0.4Once a month
Moderate use1005×7Once a month
9×13Once a month
Vect 0.2Once a week
Vect 0.4Once a month
Intensive use2005×7Once a month
9×13Twice a month
Vect 0.2Once a week
Vect 0.4Twice a month
Very intensive use3005×7Once a month
9×13Once a week
Vect 0.2Once a week
Vect 0.4Twice a month