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Our Industrial Marking Solutions By Use

Solution Integrated use Technomark

Integrated Marking Solutions

Do you want to integrate a part marking solution on your production line? Discover our Dot Peen and Laser Marking solutions dedicated to integrated use.
Solution Portable use Technomark

Portable Marking Solutions

Do you need to have complete freedom when part marking, indoors or outdoors? Discover our solutions dedicated to portable use, ideal for marking medium to large parts.
Solution Station use Technomark

Workstation Marking Solutions

Do your parts converge on one or more fixed marking workbenches? Discover our laser marking solutions dedicated to station use.


Industrial marking solutions designed to meet each of your uses

Technomark is revolutionizing the world of industrial marking.  From now on, our teams are committed to finding solutions that correspond to each individual use. Whether your need for industrial traceability is for station, island production, mobile or even integrated use, Technomark has a permanent laser or dot peen marking solution for you.
Datamatrix laser marking automotive part


What technology for what use?

Technomark offers solutions using two technologies: electromagnetism (Dot Peen) and Fiber Laser. Dot peen marking suits all uses and laser marking fits easily in integrated and station uses.