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About Us Your Source for Industrial Marking Equipment

Technomark North America specializes in traceability solutions and industrial marking equipment, supplying laser and dot peen marking machines for production lines across the globe. But, we’re more than a marking machine manufacturer!

Experts in Permanent Marking Equipment and Industrial Traceability Solutions

Technomark has been operating and supplying expertise with industrial marking equipment since 2000. In 2018, Technomark established a direct OEM presence in the USA with the opening of Technomark North America.

Today, Technomark North America is the only OEM of dot peen and laser marking systems with USA headquarters located in the south-central United States. Technomark has become the fastest-growing brand of permanent marking systems in the Americas region. Our centralized location allows us to lower your total cost of ownership (TCO) by reducing shipping costs and delivery lead times. 

Technomark has been at the forefront of industrial marking innovation, developing machines for seamless integration in manufacturing processes. 

Our goal is to help our customers

  • Increase machine uptime
  • Decrease total cost of ownership
  • Make part marking and identification simple and cost-effective
  • Bring new ideas to the table to increase efficiency
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Dot Peen Marking Basics
industrial marking equipment services - quickstart training program

We Are Consultants

Your relationship with Technomark North America shouldn’t be limited to a strict supplier-to-customer interaction. We value communication above all else, which is why our team is dedicated to finding ways to solve your traceability challenges through a consultative process.  

At Technomark North America, we provide:

  • Expert advice to qualify the best marking equipment for your production line
  • Sample marking via our application engineering review process
  • Equipment financing options (leasing and rental)
  • Machine repair and servicing
  • Product trainings to fit your specific needs
  • Trade-in credits for old equipment

Contact Us

Have questions about how Technomark can refine your production line processes? Or are you interested in talking through a challenge you have with traceability and part identification? Feel free to reach out — our specialists are always happy to help!