Technomark provides numerous technical solutions in permanent part marking and product identification, which can be used in various marking system applications (as we will see below).

Whether it is a serial number, a Datamatrix, a logo, or any other pattern, the data will be sustainably marked, thanks to our excellent industrial marking technologies.

Our product range covers the most important marking technologies: Laser and Dot Peen (who can be directly integrated into production lines):

  • The Laser technology is composed of a beam of high intensity, focused and directed towards the part to be marked. Thanks to a galvanometric head (composed of two mirrors), the beam marks with a very precise orientation.
  • The Dot peen marking system works differently: a carbide stylus strikes the material and creates a dot by deforming the surface of the part to be marked. The succession of dots will, in a matter of seconds, create text, digits, logos, serial numbers…

Because the dot peen marking and laser marking systems provide an excellent and unique component identification, a lot of industries have decided to trust Technomark’s products. As you can see below, our marking system applications are numerous, in different fields: aerospace, agriculture, automotive parts, electronics components, oil and gas industry, and many more.