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Industrial Marking Equipment | Electronic Component Markings

Technomark knows how crucial part marking is for manufacturing, especially for expensive and essential electronic products. But all electronic components are different, and some are difficult to mark because of their size, shape, or position on the circuit board. 

Technomark’s industrial part marking equipment — both dot peen and laser marking machines — are equipped to handle unique electronic components with a variety of traceability codes, including:

Electronic component marking codes are used for a variety of reasons, most notably being:

  • Component identification — Knowing which part is which is important when dealing with large quantities of components … especially in case of a defect.
  • Brand and logo recognition — Most electronic components are sold in bulk, without individual packaging to differentiate them. Marking the brand and/or logo on the piece itself goes a long way for identifying a piece.
  • Counterfeiting precautions — Part traceability is one of the prime ways that manufacturers can stop the proliferation of counterfeit products and save equipment from undue warranty voids or component failure.

Check out our case studies below to learn more about how Technomark’s industrial traceability solutions have improved electronics manufacturing!