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Services for Industrial Marking Equipment

In addition to offering state-of-the-art traceability solutions, Technomark has various services that lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and makes maintenance simple and easy. 

Industrial Marking Equipment Repair Services

Technomark provides a depot service for all Technomark brand dot peen marking systems. Our technicians are factory-trained to repair your equipment according to OEM specifications. Our North American repair center is strategically located in the central United States (Houston, Texas), lowering in-transit time and shipping costs.

The average turnaround time for equipment repair is 48 hours:

  • 24 hours to provide a written repair estimate after the equipment is received
  • 24 hours to perform the repair after approval of the estimate and receipt of written work authorization.

Preventative Maintenance Programs for Industrial Marking Equipment

Regular maintenance ensures your equipment continues to run as smoothly as possible throughout its life. It’s a proven way of lowering total cost of ownership. Technomark offers a preventative maintenance program that lowers your TCO by increasing machine uptime by anticipating necessary repairs before an unplanned work stoppage occurs.

Preventative maintenance includes:

  • Disassembling of the marking head for cleaning
  • Assessing the cables and connecting parts within the marking head
  • Cleaning mechanical parts of the impact unit, detection parts, and connectors
  • Changing belts, plastic bushings, and the stylus system
  • Lubricating the stylus and the guide
  • Analyzing the gap between the bridge and the guiding bar as well as the rack and the y-axis slide
  • Tightening motor and spline shaft pulleys
  • Repositioning detection sheets
  • Adjusting axes and belt tension

Not only do we perform these maintenance tasks, we test the machine to make sure that everything is in working condition and will advise if additional repairs are needed.

Application Engineering Review (AER)

Not all part marking applications are the same, and sometimes you might run into a challenge. But don’t worry, Technomark has more than 20 years of experience solving the most difficult process requirements, big or small. 

The Application Engineering Review (AER) allows you to decide what marking equipment is right for you. 

The process is simple: 

  1. Send us part samples with a description of marking requirements 
  2. We will conduct an evaluation in our process automation lab to determine the optimum marking machine hardware configuration and settings  
  3. We return your part samples marked with the indicated machine hardware configuration along with a full lab report including observations and recommendations.  

Once the AER is complete and you’ve ordered your Technomark equipment, we can pre-load machine settings prior to shipment so that you can deploy the equipment on day-one out of the box. 

What’s more, there is no cost for this value-added service, just another example of how Technomark lowers your TCO!

QuickStart Training Program

The QuickStart training program helps to get your new dot peen or laser marking machine up and running as efficiently as possible, as soon as possible. This extensive training will maximize productivity and help you make the most out of your investment out-of-the-box

The QuickStart program touches on some of the most important aspects of operating your new machine, including, but not limited to:

  • Basic operating principles and preventative maintenance
  • Navigating the programming interface
  • Programming marking templates
  • Using the auto-serialization and auto-timestamp features
  • Setting up communication interfaces

QuickStart is streamlined to give you what you need most. Already know how to operate and care for your dot peen marking machine, but need help programming logos or 2D barcodes? No problem! Technomark is here to help you with whatever training you need to increase efficiency. 

Refurbished Industrial Marking Equipment

Maybe you’re in the market for marking equipment but have nothing to trade in. Buying refurbished equipment is a good way to reduce costs and still have the necessary manufacturing capabilities in-house.

However, buying a used dot peen marking machine for sale on eBay isn’t the best option because there’s no guarantee the machine has been reconditioned to original factory standards.

Technomark offers high-quality refurbished industrial marking equipment that’s been reconditioned to meet original OEM standards and sells them for half the cost of a new Multi-4 system.

Ask us about our refurbished machines today!


Equipment Financing Options Technomark offers options for both long- and short-term equipment financing.

SmartLease Program

Technomark North America has partnered with Ascentium Capital to offer equipment leasing options. Leasing equipment allows you to free up cash flow while also jump-starting your manufacturing goals. 

No need to break the bank for quality marking equipment. Ask us about our financing options today. 

HotSwap Program

Is your machine in for repair, but you don’t want to slow down your production line? With Technomark’s HotSwap program, you’re able to keep your shop up and running while your equipment is being repaired.

Technomark offers short-term equipment rentals at a daily rate for customers that need their machines serviced. Having the ability to keep your manufacturing processes running increases production uptime. If you have questions or want to explore rental options, please contact

Questions About Our Services?

Technomark North America is your place for comprehensive traceability solutions, from financing new equipment to fixing your existing Technomark machines. Feel free to contact us to discuss your repair, maintenance, or rental needs!