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Custom Integrated Solutions For Industrial Marking Equipment

Technomark North America not only offers state-of-the-art industrial marking equipment and traceability solutions, we also customize our marking equipment for your production needs. 
Customizing your marking machines allows you to build a marking system that fits your exact needs, speeding up your production processes while maintaining high levels of quality. 
Technomark North America offers various integrations for both dot peen and laser marking equipment.

Integrated Solutions for Dot Peen Marking Equipment

The M4 Inline integrated dot peen marking system includes a programmable linear index and optional bar code reader package for rapid deployment on your next automation project.

M4 Inline comes standard with on-board PLC thanks to a 16-way user bus card, allowing the marking system to control other peripheral devices upstream and downstream from the marking process.  

The 16 discrete I/O points are fully digital and configurable to your needs, lowering total project cost by eliminating the need for an external PLC host control system.  

An optional bar code reader package is based on the Cognex DataMan 260 fixed-mount ID reader and is driven by the on-board PLC of the M4 Inline control box for a complete direct part marking and reading solution.

Custom Integrated Solutions For Industrial Marking Equipment

Integrated Solutions for Laser Marking Systems

Technomark has partnered with Cognex to develop an integrated barcode reader package for the Graphix laser marking workstation.

The DataMan 370 series fixed-mount barcode readers solve challenging direct part mark applications with advanced decoding algorithms, integrated lighting, and auto-focus liquid lens technology.

The fixed-mount barcode readers are available as an upgrade with the standard Graphix laser marking system to make your laser marking processes more efficient. This all-in-one solution lowers your total cost of ownership (TCO) by integrating a 2D data matrix and QR code reader into your production line, eliminating the need for another identification system.

Custom Tooling Solutions

Technomark North America has partnered with IDEX Corp. to provide a marking solution for permanent identification of BAND-IT metal ID bands in a high-volume production environment. 

BAND-IT colored bands are used for frac iron recertification, asset management, and other visual identification programs. BAND-IT COLOR-IT® technology resists weathering and color fading, with 16 stocked colors available for same-day delivery and custom powder coating available for non-standard colors. BAND-FAST® preassembled band and clips allow for a safe, quick installation.  

BAND-IT integrations are available for the 

  • Multi4 dot peen marking system — 1-up BAND-IT metal ID band loading fixture
  • Graphix laser marking workstation — 3-up BAND-IT metal ID band loading fixture

The custom tooling solutions for Technomark marking equipment increase production throughput while lowering TCO. 

Custom Integrated Solutions For Industrial Marking Equipment
Custom Integrated Solutions For Industrial Marking Equipment

Manufacturing Automation Solutions

Technomark North America has partnered with SLINED Automation & Robotics to provide manufacturing automation solutions specifically designed to meet your process requirements.  Custom engineered solutions from SLINED reduce manufacturing cost, increase productivity, and save time and money.  Whether you need a one-piece fixture or a complete automatic machine, SLINED offers full in-house integrated capabilities to satisfy your requirements.  To learn more, please visit

Interested in Customizing Your Industrial Marking Equipment? 

Want to learn more about how Technomark and its partners make your manufacturing production lines more efficient and your data collection more accurate? Feel free to drop us a line. Our representatives will be more than happy to talk to you about a custom traceability solution.