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Fixed-Mount 2D Datamatrix Barcode Readers

Technomark automated marking systems are complemented by a powerful datamatrix barcode reader for easy parts identification, which is why Technomark has partnered with Cognex to enhance your production line experience. 

The Adjustable and Quick Industrial Datamatrix Reader 

The DataMan 370 Series Fixed-Mount 2D Barcode Reader from Cognex is fully compatible with the Technomark line of industrial marking machines. 

This fixed-mount industrial barcode reader is perfect for production lines as a last step for quick and accurate code verification. The hands-off approach speeds up your manufacturing processes and increases productivity. 

Key features of the DataMan 370 include:

  • High-resolution sensors for a greater field of view
  • Multicore processing for high-speed decoding
  • High-powered integrated torch (HPIT) for powerful illumination
  • C-mount and liquid lens with dynamic focusing options for maximizing application coverage
  • Interchangeable polarization filters for optimized imaging

The DataMan 370 also uses High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging to scan codes with more accuracy than conventional scanning sensors. The HDR increases line speed possibilities by 75% and increases depth of field by 20%

Why Use the DataMan 370 Fixed-Mount Barcode Reader?

The DataMan 370 industrial datamatrix barcode reader embodies the Technomark goals of maneuverability and compact design.


The 1DMax® and 2DMax® technologies maximize efficiency, increasing decoding up to 10x the speeds of conventional barcode readers. 


The high-performance scanning lens is capable of reading smudged, damaged, or poorly marked codes, giving you reliable read results. 


Modular lighting, lens, and communication options all contribute to the overall flexibility and convenience of the DataMan 370.


The Six Sigma reading rates are capable of scanning up to 45 codes per second, speeding up your production processes.