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Industrial Marking Solutions for Transportation

Industrial Marking Solutions | Truck and Transport

In today’s economy, high-volume trucking and transport of goods is crucial for companies to conduct business, not only locally, but also on a national scale. And having a fleet of transport trucks means you’ll have to keep track of their repair and maintenance. 

Industrial part marking ensures that technicians and other service providers can accurately replace and document every component of a transport vehicle. The two primary methods for traceability in the automotive industry are laser and dot peen marking. 

Technomark provides state-of-the-art marking solutions for heavy-duty truck parts with the Graphix laser marking system and Multi-4 dot peen marking system

Additionally, automotive manufacturers are required to mark the different parts of the vehicle with identification codes, and Technomark machines are often used to mark: 

Check out how you can improve your truck and transport traceability by reading the case studies below!

Industrial Marking Equipment | Railway Standards

The railroad industry has a lot of infrastructure — think about it. Trains, railroads, stations, signs. The list goes on. 

That being said, there’s a need for keeping track of all of the moving parts of the rail industry. Industrial part marking is one of the most effective ways for recording maintenance on locomotives as well as identifying rolling stock while maintaining railway standards.

More and more railway businesses are turning to dot peen or laser marking equipment to provide the necessary marking needs. Technomark’s Multi-4 line of dot peen marking machines and Graphix laser marking machines are more than equipped to deal with the demands of railway part marking applications. 

A popular rail industry standard for marking is GS1 EPCIS for Rail Vehicle Visibility, and Technomark industrial marking equipment can be programmed to provide this marking standard!

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