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Industrial Marking Solutions for Oil and Gas Equipment

Many industries and consumers rely on oil and gas to power their equipment or vehicles, so streamlining the production of oilfield tools is crucial. 

Part of making oil and gas production more efficient is having proper traceability for oilfield tools, both downhole and surface equipment. Plus, oil and gas equipment used in extraction are prone to corrosion, so permanent marking helps engineers to track and maintain components in accordance with API SPEC Q1 quality guidelines.  

Technomark offers industrial marking solutions for oil and gas equipment tracking. The Graphix Inline laser marking system is a popular choice for production line marking, while the Multi-4 Hand Held dot peen marking machine is mobile, making it ideal for marking large and cumbersome parts. 

Plus, Technomark machines can facilitate compliance with Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration regulations. 

To learn more about what Technomark machines are capable of, read our case studies below!