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Multi4 Mini

Multi4 Mini Dot Peen Marking System

The Mobile and Compact Marking Machine

The Multi4 Mini is ideal for marking awkward or heavy parts because of its fully mobile design. Featuring a simple, handheld style, the Multi4 Mini allows for quality and precise industrial marking in a variety of positions. 

The marking head orients in four different positions — up, down, and side to side — to fit a wide variety of applications. 

This lightweight, handheld dot peen marking machine is an excellent addition to any workplace, from the small shop to the factory floor. 

If you already own a different version of the Multi4, you can use that same control box with the Multi4 Mini.

Why Use an Ultra-Compact Handheld Dot Peen Marking System?

The Multi4 Mini offers a unique combination of ergonomic design and precision marking.


Its compact and sleek shape provides an easy handling experience. The handheld design allows access to hard-to-reach places with ease. 


Designed around an X/Y cross table, it ensures precise markings, constant quality, and depth over the entire part surface. It’s well equipped for reading and marking 2D Datamatrix codes.


By adding the optional battery kit, you can use this dot peen marking equipment indoors or outdoors, even when a power source is unavailable. The Multi4 Mini marking head is easy to move; it only weighs 5 lbs.!


No need to set the distance between the marking stylus and the part. The intuitive handling lets you get to marking more quickly.

Multi4 Mini benefits of control via new generation control unit described below.​

Multi4 Control Box

Technomark lowers your total cost of ownership by offering one standard control box that is compatible with all sizes of marking heads.

  • High-resolution (640×480) color screen with icon-based navigation
  • Intelligent handling of marking
  • RS232 connection, 3 inputs / 4 outputs, Ethernet (optional)
  • 2 USB: device port and HOST
  • 3rd axis included as part of standard package
  • Additional axis management — 4 total (optional)
  • Embedded multilingual software in 21 languages
  • 40Mb memory can accommodate up to 20,000 stored marking files (40 characters, 1 line)
  • Ergonomic design (locating foot and carriage handle)
  • Updates in less than 2 minutes through USB port
  • Marking modes include: Text, variable data, serial number, data codes, logos, and 2D codes
  • Straight, angular, circular, and radial marking
  • “Easy Shift” feature allows for display of text moving in the marking window
  • Dimensions: 14.57’’ x 8.47’’ x 5.47’’ (370 x 215 x 139 mm)
  • Weight: 8.16 lb (3.7 kg) including cable, 10.8 lbs. (4.9 kg) including optional battery

Main Accessories and Options

Ethernet port

Ethernet port

Maintenance kit

Maintenance kit

Software pack

Software pack

Hand held reading system

Hand held reading system

Battery kit

Battery kit

Multi4 Mini


Our new logo creation and marking software

Our new Logpro* software makes creation and marking of logos easier, faster, and more intuitive. 



Image processing tools are directly integrated into the application.


Much easier importing, image editing, and working on an existing logo in most common formats (.jpg, .png, vector files).


100% of users who have tested Logpro reported that the time required to create a logo was dramatically reduced.


An innovative and modern ergonomic design. An interface developed with the end user in mind!