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For a quick and effective solution to your industrial part identification needs, Technomark has partnered with Cognex to provide quality 2D industrial barcode readers for your manufacturing floor. 

An Industrial Barcode Reader for Fast & Easy Parts Identification

With these high-performance reading systems, you can easily track and trace components throughout the manufacturing process and extended supply chain.

As the leading OEM of industrial marking systems, Technomark has partnered with Cognex, who is the industry leader for industrial ID reading solutions. We offer the following reading options:

Why Use 2D Datamatrix in Your Manufacturing Process?

Datamatrix has become the industry standard 2D barcode symbology for direct part mark (DPM) traceability and is optimized for both laser marking and dot peen marking methods. Advantages of 2D datamatrix include:

  • High data capacity, up to 2335 alphanumeric characters (3116 numeric)
  • Small and compact
  • Error correction capability (ECC200)
  • Six Sigma reading rates

In addition, 2D datamatrix is referenced in all ISO and vertical industry application standards for DPM:

  • ISO/IEC 16022
  • ISO/IEC 15415
  • ISO/IEC 15416
  • ISO/IEC TR 29158
  • AIAG B-17 and B-2
  • ATA Spec 2000
  • U.S. Department of Defense Item Unique Identification (IUID)
  • NASA-HDBK-6003 and NASA-STD-6002
  • API Spec Q1
  • FDA Unique Device Identification System (UDI)

Cognex reading systems can be easily integrated into Technomark dot peen and laser marking systems to automate system programming and ensure quality control. They’re the ideal barcode reader for the factory floor.

These code readers reach a Six Sigma reading rate, which means you can reliably and repeatedly read even the toughest direct part mark codes.

2D Industrial Barcode Readers

Barcode Readers

Fixed-Mount 2D Barcode Readers

These readers provide 1D and 2D code reading with models that read even the most challenging direct part marks. And, to ensure that codes meet industry quality standards. Our Datamatrix ECC200 reader includes code verifiers.

Handheld Barcode Readers

Our industrial handheld 2D barcode readers are ideal for manual processes. Reliable and intuitive to use, they support track-and-trace applications for the factory floor.