The Technomark high-performance bar codes reading systems enable to easily identify a piece. This tool meets the needs of control of the production and pieces identification. In the industrial sector, the marking often takes the form of a 1D or 2D code or even OCR characters ; The Datamatrix ECC 200 code is the most well-known and the most used. Technomark so develops marking solutions with Datamatrix reading system. Identifying the piece guarantee the content of the information. For a better result processing, Technomark reading systems can be integrated in automated systems. They also included code testing. Code readers reach a Six Sigma reading rate up to 45 pieces per second.



These readers provide 1D and 2D code reading with models that read even the most challenging direct part marks. And, to ensure that codes meet industry quality standards. Our Datamatrix ECC200 reader includes code verifiers.

Bar Codes

Our marking reading systems are reliable with high productivity and capacity and allows an easy handling of reading results in automated systems.