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Fume Extraction Systems for Laser Marking Machines

While laser marking machines are ideal for marking permanent identification on a wide range of materials, they also require fume extraction systems to keep your shop and employees safe. 
Technomark has partnered with BOFA to offer laser fume extraction units that pair with the Graphix laser marking systems.

Why Use Fume Extraction for Laser Marking Systems?

Many laser marking systems release airborne gases, vapors, or particles that are invisible to the naked eye. These contaminants can pose potential health risks for operators and potentially compromise your equipment. Not to mention these contaminants are harmful for the environment. 

BOFA is a world-leading manufacturer of fume extraction systems designed specifically for laser applications. To eliminate the risk of contamination from laser marking activities, BOFA’s top-of-the-line fume extraction units implement:

  • Three-stage filtration
  • Flow rate control
  • HEPA filters
  • iQ operating system

All of these features paired together remove 99.997% of contaminants from laser processing of materials, ensuring the health and safety of your personnel while protecting your laser marking equipment investment. 

BOFA Fume Extraction Units:

Technomark offers a number of BOFA fume extraction units that integrate with Graphix laser marking systems to provide optimal protection from vapors, gases, and foreign particles. 

Technomark offers BOFA fume extractors for heavy-duty applications:

The systems that Technomark offers for light laser marking applications include:

And if your application creates a large amount of dust or particulate matter, additional filter capacity is available. The inline filter units (ILF) pair with BOFA fume extraction systems to provide auxiliary filtering storage and extend the life of the main filters. 


Protect Your Assets With High-Quality Fume Extraction Units

Not only are fume extraction systems a requirement for most applications, they’re also particularly important for maintaining the integrity of your manufacturing operations. 

Whether you’re using the Graphix laser marking system to mark on steel, plastic, or rubber, a BOFA fume extraction unit will ensure your facility stays free of contaminants. 

To learn more about the extraction systems Technomark offers for laser marking systems, contact us!