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Multi4 inline

M4 Inline Dot Peen Marking System

The Perfect Production Line Dot Peen Marking Machine

The M4 Inline is the best dot peen marking system for running a smooth operation free of human error. 

This innovative industrial marking solution is well-equipped for integration into production line processes. Unlike many marking machine products, the M4 Inline supports full automation.

The M4 Inline Control Box

The “brains” of the operation, the M4 Inline’s central Control Box is what sets it apart from other direct part marking equipment. The Control Box makes automation accessible and easy! Every M4 Inline comes fully equipped with 

  • Built-in PLC control
  • Intelligent Driving Impact technology
  • Mark & Track technology
  • 16 bus card accelerates product development cycle by eliminating the need for an external PLC
  • Job Viewer for remote configuration and maintenance
  • Plug & Mark for linear and z-axis options
  • Option to integrate the Technomark barcode reader
  • High-definition graphic color screen
  • Easy and fast programming
  • Energy-saving features
Intelligent Driving Impact

This technology adjusts the force and variance of the marking depth automatically, providing distinct and uniform dot peen marks across a wide variety of part shapes. Intelligent Driving Impact ensures even depth of marking, even on complex surfaces.

Mark & Track

This innovative technology measures the unique distance between the marking head and the part, and adapts to process variation with ease. Mark & Track maximizes uptime by anticipating preventative maintenance needs.

Marking Head Versatility

To increase the versatility of the Inline, we offer four marking head options:

  • Compact Head 50 (marking area: 50×60 mm)
  • Standard Head 120 (marking area: 120×60 mm)
  • Large Head 200 (marking area: 200×60 mm)
Advantages of the M4 Inline Dot Peen Marking Equipment


Built with a rugged molded aluminum frame. The marking heads are cast from aluminum for greater accuracy and stability.


Orients in a vertical or horizontal position and easily adapts to any rack-mount configuration. The control box can also be used in a flat or upright position.


Can be programmed remotely via standard industrial communication interface, reducing human error and increasing production efficiency. Available with the automation pack option, which includes a programmable linear axis for rapid deployment on your next project.


The first direct part marking machine fitted with a 16 bus card for efficiency and productivity. The marking head has a quick disconnect feature so you can easily remove the head for servicing and replace it with a backup head.

M4 Inline Control Box Specifications

Technomark lowers your total cost of ownership by offering one standard control box that’s compatible with all sizes of marking heads.

  • High-resolution (640×480) color screen with icon-based navigation
  • Intelligent handling of marking
  • RS232 connection, 16 bus card, Ethernet
  • 2 USB ports: device port and HOST
  • Third axis included as part of standard package
  • Additional axis management — 4 total (optional)
  • Embedded multilingual software in 21 languages
  • 40Mb memory can accommodate up to 20,000 stored marking files (40 characters, 1 line)
  • Updates in less than 2 minutes through USB port
  • Maintenance menu: includes preventive management, self-diagnostic function, dashboard use
  • Marking modes include: text, variable data, serial numbers, date codes, logos, and 2D datamatrix codes, QR codes, and standard OCR font
  • Straight, angular, circular, and radial marking
  • Dimensions: 9.44’’ x 9.64’’ x 4.33’’ (240 x 245 x 110 mm)
  • Weight: 6.17 lbs.



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