Buddy, the Portable Dot Peen Marking Machine, is now available in 120

Buddy, the Dot Peen Marking Machine controlled by a smartphone, is now available in both 60 and 120. Available for months in a 60, a larger marking window is now added to the range to meet the needs of an increasing number of users.

60 or 120, make your choice!

The new 120 offers a larger size for more possibilities. With a 120*60mm  marking window available, the Buddy provides more opportunity for larger, complex markings. Already considered a must-have in its 60 version, the XL one is likely to be a success!

What exactly is Buddy?

It’s the latest addition to Technomark’s Connect.series range (electromagnetic dot peen marking machine) designed to meet the needs of those who require 100% nomadic use. Available since the end of 2022 in size 60, it’s now available in size 120.

With today’s availability of smartphones, the operator can move around freely. The smartphone acts as a control unit within a 10-meter radius of the head. The user can now mark in both indoor and outdoor environments without any limits.

The smartphone application Connect.app was developed by Technomark. The app is compatible with Android 10+ and is available on Google Play. Its intuitive user experience allows the user to create, set and launch markings quickly and easily with their smartphone.

In terms of connectivity, the marking head communicates with the smartphone via a secured WiFi protocol and the application allows real time marking data and maintenance feedback.

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The embedded technology content in the Connect.series marking head is still the same and provides the same quality performance as the Buddy 60. This model weighs in at 7.05lbs, only 0.88lbs more than the 60 version. Whether you’re opting for the 60 or 120 version, Buddy really has everything to meet the needs of its users.

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