Our industrial marking company is committed to long term support with all of its customers and partner. This commitment is based on 3 factors:

  • Total Support:  Understanding of your requirements, overall maintenance of your machine, and financial solutions.
  • Implementation: Custom engineered and modified solutions for specific applications.
  • Follow up: Product training and efficient maintenance of installed Multi4 systems.

Pre Sales

Technomark North America helps you to make the best investment and provides you with the shortest lead time.

  • In order to see by yourself the marking result on your parts, Technomark gives you the possibility to mark them for free. Once the markings are realized, a detailed test report will be sent to you. This test report will list all marking parameters such as the force, the font, the speed, the depth…         

    You only need to send us samples with a description of the desired marking.

  • Our multi-skill research and development office available to define your traceability needs. They propose complete solutions including mechanical and software integrations.

  • In order to give you an adapted marking solution, Technomark is able to come to your factory and realize marking tests free of charge. In this way you will be able to see the marking result on your parts.  

  • Maintenance services contracts are adapted solutions for  all your needs and allow the use of your marking equipment with a maximum comfort and serenity.

After Sales

Our will is to be proactive and constantly look for solutions in order to improve our customer services.

  • Technomark provides a personal assistance. Whatever your request is, a specialized technician will listen to you in order to give you the best answers.

    HOTLINE: (888) 610-0151

  • In order to maintain your marking equipment in perfect working condition, Technomark offers a regular preventive maintenance contract for your marking equipment.

    You just have to return your machine periodically and we will perform the complete overhaul.

  • Technomark proposes regular visits from a technician in your factory to maintain your marking equipment in good condition.

  • Technomark offers complete training adapted to your needs to ensure quick and effective use of your marking equipment.

  • If necessary, Technomark can provide a free marking machine during the overhaul of your equipment.