Metal Tagging Partner Suppliers

Technomark North America works with suppliers that we know our customers can count on for quality and innovation. Below are our metal tagging partners that we are proud to introduce to you!


BAND-IT is a provider of steel band fastening solutions for even the most extreme of conditions and the most unique situations. Their technological advances allow for custom designed solutions in the transportation, energy, industrial, marine and government markets, and more.

To learn more about how BAND-IT can find a custom solution for you, get in touch with them on their website, using the button below.



Metal Craft offers RFID Tags, Custom Asset tags, metal asset tags, and more for your projects. They have been providing property identification solutions since 1950, and are a trusted, quality partner today.

To learn more about how Metal Craft can work with you to find the perfect solution for your application, get in touch with them on their website using the button below.


Learn More about Metal Tagging Applications for Your Factory Floor

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