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Technomark Laser Marking Systems

Who doesn’t want to be more productive and lower their operating costs? Technomark’s innovative line of laser marking systems can bring a solution to your doorstep in a hurry.

We’ve taken the best features of our highly popular Multi4 dot peen product line and adapted them for laser systems. Our unique, all-in-one machines are equipped with cutting-edge fiber laser technology. Technomark’s all-in-one designs, combined with their reliability, give them the best price/performance ratio on the market.

Our industrial laser marking systems are perfect for:

  • Medium to high production volumes
  • Deep or light engraving
  • Decoration
  • Traceability

What Makes a TechnoMark Laser Marking System Different?

Technomark builds complete systems — no separate PC necessary. The ergonomic setup and the compact size of our direct part-marking equipment is easy to use in any production environment.

How do we make it happen?


Every manufacturing floor is different. We design laser marking equipment that’s ideal for use in a flexible environment.

The Graphix workstation is an all-in-one industrial marking solution that excels in a low-volume, high-mix manufacturing environment. For high-volume, automated production lines, the Graphix Inline is an ideal solution.

Technomark systems can handle both large and small parts. A special side access port allows you to insert large workpieces laterally and maintain a Class 1 safety rating with the door closed.


Our direct part marking equipment won’t take up a large amount of space on the production floor.

All Graphix models are small on the outside but big on the inside. The outside dimensions are more compact than virtually anything else on the market today.

3D Marking

Our direct part marking solutions include a programmable z-axis for 3D marking. This technology makes it a snap to mark complex surfaces or multiple surfaces on the same part.

Total Cost of Ownership

Laser marking systems are a big investment, and the faster you can put them into production, the sooner you can realize return on your investment.

Technomark makes sure you hit the ground running and continue to have success with our products, long after the sale.

Application Development

Technomark’s application engineering review is a value-added service you’ll receive as a courtesy.

First, we consult with you to understand your project requirements. Then using a sample set provided by you, we conduct a lab evaluation and mark samples as a proof of concept. After the evaluation, we deliver the marked samples together with a lab report containing observations and recommendations for your process.

Easy to Get Started

We preload everything we learn in the application engineering review onto your marking machine so your device is plug-and-play on delivery. Once we ship it, all you have to do is uncrate it and power it up.

Technomark’s QuickStart training program accelerates the implementation phase of your project, enabling you to be productive with your laser marking system on Day One.

After-Sale Support

To maximize uptime, Technomark offers its HotSwap equipment exchange program.

During the warranty period, if your product requires service, we’ll exchange the laser source within 48 hours — unprecedented in our industry.

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Technomark Laser Marking Systems

Laser Marking Products

No matter your production requirements, Technomark has a laser marking solution to meet your needs.

Our laser marking products include:


The Graphix series is an all-in-one laser marking workstation that integrates the:

  • Laser source
  • Optics
  • Control electronic system
  • Safety enclosure

This standalone workstation can be placed on a mobile cart so you can stage it anywhere you need to use it on the production floor. An optional rotary axis allows 360° marking on cylindrical components.

Graphix Inline

Our Inline model is built for automation. This integrated solution is ideal for high-volume production lines.

Graphix Inline marks directly on a wide variety of materials, including:

  • Ferrous metals
  • Nonferrous metals
  • Painted or coated surfaces
  • Plastics

The Inline creates very fast and high-quality markings on surfaces with a hardness greater than 63 HRC on the Rockwell scale.

Technomark Laser Marking Systems

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